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Erwin van Lun, MBM MSc (1968), is a multifaceted visionary professional dedicated to shaping the future through various international roles. As an author, futurist & professional speaker, he has shared his accurate future forecasts on over 100 stages in eight countries, influencing thousands. His expertise as a future-proof software engineer, focusing on Angular since 2017, helps innovative startups and scaleups to expand and professionalize by increasing profits, reducing costs, and strategically aligning processes. In his spiritual journey revealing the dance & tantra teacher within, Erwin realized how blockages (stiffness through fascia) in the body reduce the innovative thinking capacity of humans, and releasing these blockages restores lost creativity, a process which is crucial in this era that can only progress with disruptive (creative) thinking. Formerly renowned as the #1 global chatbot expert and co-founder of the global Magickal 5D Society, pioneering entrepreneur Erwin is constantly releasing new ventures: currently he is working on a brand new conscious dance/tantra system aimed at awakening humanity through dance, blending Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Tantric Dance, and Tantra with rituals known from ancient tribes. His unique vision, skills, and approach make him a powerful force in the global transition ahead.

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Angular developer
Dance & Tantra Facilitator
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