Decoding the future in a weird way

Erwin van Lun


Erwin van Lun, MBM MSc (1968), is a multifaceted visionary professional dedicated to shaping the future through various international roles. As an author, futurist & professional speaker, he has shared his accurate future forecasts on over 100 stages in eight countries, influencing thousands. His expertise as a future-proof software engineer, focusing on Angular since 2017, helps innovative startups and scaleups to expand and professionalize by increasing profits, reducing costs, and strategically aligning processes. In his spiritual journey revealing the dance & tantra teacher within, Erwin realized how blockages (stiffness through fascia) in the body reduce the innovative thinking capacity of humans, and releasing these blockages restores lost creativity, a process which is crucial in this era that can only progress with disruptive (creative) thinking. Formerly renowned as the #1 global chatbot expert and co-founder of the global Magickal 5D Society, pioneering entrepreneur Erwin is constantly releasing new ventures: currently he is working on a brand new conscious dance/tantra system aimed at awakening humanity through dance, blending Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Tantric Dance, and Tantra with rituals known from ancient tribes. His unique vision, skills, and approach make him a powerful force in the global transition ahead.

Erwin's impact on the planet.

Futurist & professional speaker

With future forecasts that have proven accurate, companies, NGOs, and governments value my insights. I've shared my vision on over 100 stages in eight countries, speaking to thousands. As the founder and owner of the LinkedIn group 'Global Speakers & Influencers,' with over 2500 members, I work with those who can make a difference. Are you open to hearing what the future looks like, even if it could mean the end of your country, culture, industry, company, and/or even your life (facing your biggest fear!)? If you're ready for a real shift, you can start living in the years ahead, and I'm open to talking with you tomorrow.

Visionary Author

At the beginning of this century, I wrote the book 'Van Massamerk naar Mensmerk' about the future of media, marketing, and brands. After the book was nominated for the Dutch Marketing Awards, I was invited by many organizations to share the vision I outlined in this publication. Although it is absolutely time for a new book on the future of 2060, forecasting a utopia—a beautiful, peaceful world beyond our current imagination, yet with far fewer people—I am simply waiting for humanity to be ready to receive my vision

Future Proof Angular Engineer

During my first experiments on a Tandy TRS-80 in 1984, I turned out to be a creative whizzkid, always connecting everything with everything. Ever since, I have worked with innovation through software, in tech or marketing roles. Since 2017, I've shifted my focus to Angular, a JavaScript framework, and I'm passionate about helping your organisation gain more profit or reduce costs by employing this powerful framework as a Senior Angular Developer. I am open to fixed positions with companies that contribute to a sustainable future, or regular contract work to speed up your projects.

Passionate Dance & Tantra Facilitator

Over the past 15 years, I have mastered the art of surrendering to life, music, and energy. My primary learning schools have been Barefoot Conscious Dance and Modern Tantra, with significant contributions from yoga, plant medicine, and holistic health practices. By letting go of everything I thought I was, how the world should be, and how I was conditioned, I further widened my already open mind. This resulted in enormous improvements in health, vitality, and creativity, regaining the life force energy of the child still alive within me. This inner child work has led to a 'playfulness on all levels.' I now share my knowledge through weekly dance classes, as well as dance/tantra evenings, days, and weekends.

conscious entrepreneur netherlands

Pioneering Entrepreneur, the global community portal for conversational AI, has been both my greatest success and a pivotal learning experience. Known as the #1 chatbot expert in the world between 2010 and 2015, I faced challenges due to the industry's early-stage size and lost track of financial realities. This period marked the beginning of a stressful yet awakening journey in my life. As a firm believer in the 'Power of Manifestation,' I am confident in creating even more successful ventures to serve the transition of tomorrow. For this reason, I co-founded the global Magickal 5D Societee. Additionally, I am working on a brand new conscious dance/tantra system, a perfect blend of Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Tantric Dance, and Tantra, supported by an application suite for facilitators and participants, which aims to awaken the global population through dance. I would love to have a networking chat with you to discover how we can help each other.