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A motor tapping into the zero point field? Check out the demo!

A breakthrough in energy: Professor Muammer Yildiz, visiting the Delft University of Technology, where I studied myself, demonstrates a magnet motor that taps into the zero field, and thus doesn't need a battery, nor natural resources or voltage plugs at all!! Isn't that revolutionary? Check out the video (first minute is in Dutch, rest is in English or English subtitled).

Applications are obviously unlimited. But what about having those machines all over Africa? Wouldn't that speed up developments? Certainly when combined with media technology.

Hopefully this invention will not be hold back by the powerful and lobbying energy companies all over the planet this time :-s. A patent can easily be bought for a huge amount and then disappear in a drawer somewhere to get back to the oil business. That's one of the disadvantages of patents.... It stops innovation..

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Mobile Phone attitude 1999

This is briljant!!! Nobody in this video wanted to have a mobile phone in 1999, for various reasons. I bet they all have one!! (In Dutch).

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3D Led Grid

This LED grid created by students of the Delft University of Technology contains 66x28x28=76032 pixels. It contains animations of rotating flowers and more artitic experssions.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

In the future, these grids will be unlimited detailed. Now 76,032 pixels seems a lot, but at that time we’ll easily have 76,032,000,000 pixels. The pixels will be so small that our human eye won’t be able to distinguish them from each other.

Applications will be countless. We’ll have conversations with other humans on a distance, or even interact with virtual humans. Prototyping, education, and brand interaction. Everything will change with technologies like these.

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Recommendation by Maria Rita Fiasco, Intoote, Italy

Above you'll find a recommendation by Maria Rita Fiasco of Gruppo Pragma after I've presented during their road show in Rome, Milan and Trieste for the the launch of their new conversational agent / virtual assistant platform Intoote.

Below you'll find the testimonial in Italian

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol automates bagage drop-off

Schiphol Bagage Drop Off Robot

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has automated the baggage drop-off. Passengers who have already checked-in are now required to put their baggage in a machine which gives instructions how to label the baggage. No personal any longer involved! Most of us have to get used to it however.

Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

ALL repeating tasks will be automated. Either by virtual humans, or (humanoid) robots. As a result, society will totally change. The world wide population will be extremely productive and we will have to work less. It is even unavoidable for us all to work less to guarantee that at least a certain percentage of the population has a job, which is a requirement to keep the earth peaceful, and we all can contribute to society and we are all appreciated. This example demonstrates our journey in that direction.

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Speaking in Italy

Intoote LogoToday, I'll be speaking in Italy for a new chatbot company: Intoote during their launch campaign called Aks Me Please. It's a joint venture by Gruppo Pragma and Dialobot.

I always predicted this industry would have a huge future and therefore I'm very pleased to present to the press, potential clients and anyone interested in this new startup.

If you are in Rome, Milan or Triest.the coming days, please find a moment to drop by!

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I’m back

It's Saturday Night, 2am. Just back from a wonderful night of dancing. For some kind of reason I ended up on my website and I realized that I did not write on this website for over a year. No trends, no observations, like nothing has happened.

But the world changed, many innovations have been introduced that exactly fit my 2015, 2020, and 2030 predictions. I've worked REALLY hard on, my worldwide online community portal on artificial intelligent virtual humans, in line with the brand agent trend which I've written about many times over here. I believe those virtual humans will soon become vital in society of tomorrow. It's a matter where you're open to see them and acknowledge their presence. They are already everywhere, and they won't go.

Also, my personally has changed, getting deeper into my essence, finally discovering who I really am. This will eventually affect my personal branding strategy although I still love my colors and styling. But some reconsiderations become necessary.

I have decided to continue to write on my website, but I'll change the style a bit, better fitting with my personality today. It will definitely become more personal and I no longer will avoid emotion. They are there and I'm open to share them with you.

I won't have the English checked, it takes away all my spontaneous intentions, but I'll assume you understand it anyway. Over time my Engish will improve.

Also, I'll check how to integrate social media further, without having me to go to different websites all the time.

On Dec 10th, I'll fly from Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia and I'll stay there for 3 months. I'll probably fly back over India, although my schedule might change over time.

To be continued....

Visionary video on Glass media

This video shows the future vision of Corning, a New York based company based in specialty glass and ceramics. Very interesting! Below you'll also find 'the making of' which much more details and an explanation what's possible today, and what's not

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Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

It will take a while before this technology will be seen everywhere in our society. It will be revolutionary, certainly realizing we will also interact with intelligent yet virtual humans.

But again, it will be shifting in developing countries. The poorest countries in the world suddenly get access to these extreme reliable devices (no connectors, no keys, thus not sensitive for sand and maybe even not for water. It will change the level of education in the world. Forever.

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The Rebranded Future in Karachi

On May 29th, I will facilitate a full day workshop on the future of branding for the Pakistan Advertising Society (PAS) in the Marriott Hotel, Karachi. The Rebranded Future

It will be quite exciting. During this session titled The Rebranded Future, we will really go in depth. I love that!

This is what we'll cover:

  • Brand dialogue and the rise of brand agents. Much more information is avaiable on my website dedicated to this topics,

  • The brand coming out: the process in which brands will considers themselves as communities covering users and producers, instead of a company vs a consumer

  • coaching brands: the strongest brands of the 21th, stronger than any other brands we've ever seen.

  • letting go of the past: this is actually vital. Without getting rid of our ideas of 'how to build a brand' (according to US gurus from the seventies) we will never be able to build strong futureproof brands

  • brand psychology: without a true understanding on how our brain, and the brains of future generations, will treat brands, we'll never be able to get an understanding on how future brands will look like.

We'll have a look at the new role of brands in future society.

And most important of all: how to create futureproof brands today?

Look forward to this session! If you have the opportunity to travel to Karachi, be there!

Scale of the Universe

Scale of the Universe Nanotubes
The interactive flash animation Scale of the Universe allows you to browse the universe through hundreds, possibly more than thousand objects of all different sizes Scale of the Universe Planets

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Animated 3d logo tool

In my book I predicted that all company/brand logos would be animated in the future. The static version would be considered as boring, dull, flat in the future. Well', I'm not on top of the trend anymore, but just stumbled upon Aurora, a 3D tool for logo animation, which is proof to me that the market for logo animation starts to grow.

An awesome 3D See-Through Display!

Microsoft shows future vision

Microsoft has published a future vision of what can be expected between 5-10 years. Most of it is quite realistic (not sure about the timeline though), although I would have left out the keyboard.

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Ticketmaster offers seats next to your friends

Ticketmaster Fracebook FriendsTicketmaster Teams With Facebook So You Can Sit Next To Your Friends. Those who are reserving their seats will see a mock-up of an arena seat map indicating where their Facebook friends will be sitting, so the can reseerve a spot next or closeby.

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Future vision by Erwin Van Lun

I’ve been writing about this phenonemon since 2004, and now it’s becoming reality. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this!!!

Soon, all our purchases will be powered by social media. For example: the next time when I visit a restaurant in Nigeria, I can exactly see where my friends have been, and what their experience were. This will influence my decisions way more, than any (anonymous) review site can ever do.

We’re social creatures you know;)

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Intelligent robot cleans house with GPS-like navigation system

The Robot Company designed the first robot mop with a GPS-like navigation system. The 8 cm tall and 25cm long robot called Dirt Devil "EVO" wipes wood, vinyl, laminate and stone surfaces. He has built in a GPS module with infrared controls. These sensors enable the robot to determine what surface it is crossing, what is the shape of the surface and how to navigate in space. Due to such a precise positioning, while turning around EVO sticks to its trace and don't leaves uncleaned surface.

EVO not only cleans large and simple surfaces, but also places difficult to reach: under furniture edges, in the corners of the walls, behind wardrobes. If EVO detects an obstacle (such as legs of the table), it cleans up around the obstacle, and then continues cleaning the rest of the surface. On the bottom of the mop robot there is a magnetic strip where microfiber cloth is placed. With this microfiber cloth EVO is able to clean all delicate surfaces. Therefore it can be a good alternative to conventional wet cleaning robots, which can scratch surfaces with their rotating brushes or attack them with chemical cleaners.

This cleaning robot was presented during the global trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances IFA 2010 in Berlin.

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